Most of us have been through this: having to take off a tooth because it was not able to be treated anymore and we got a hole between all the other healthy teeth. It can shake even the highest self-esteem and smiling and laughing out loud like we used to starts to be a difficult thing to do. That’s where dental implants appears in the story.

Once a tooth is removed, the dentist can insert a titanium scar into your jaw to replace your missing tooth and look exactly like a real one. That’s a dental implant. For a single tooth or as many teeth as you need, dental implants recover your self-esteem and make your smile beautiful again.

If you’re still wondering how does it work and why it’s so popular now, here are some reasons:

  • When inserting a conventional bridgework your adjacent teeth would have to be cut down, something completely unnecessary with dental implants. It preserves your natural tooth tissue and also your bone, since it reduces bone resorption and deterioration, as well as might help restore your jawbone structure.
  • It looks natural, since its design is made for that – to look and feel exactly like it’s your natural tooth. Since it’s anchored in your jawbone, you’re able to chew comfortably and speak clearly, something that a conventional bridge dentures wouldn’t provide you.
  • Its success rate is high since dental care technology gets better over the years, and taking a good care of your teeth, your implant should last as long, or even longer than your natural ones or dental restorative works. It might even last longer than you!
  • Removable dentures can put you in some bad situations since they are, well, removable. Dental implants are part of you, so you’ll be able to smile and speak with more confidence and without having to use those adhesives to keep things in place. Way better, right?

If you’re healthy enough to undergo a routine dental care or an oral surgery, be aware that you’re good for a dental implant as well, knowing that you must have a healthy gum and enough bone structure to hold it up. But it’s not only about inserting it, but also about taking care: once you have your dental implant, you must be extremely committed to your oral hygiene and must visit your dentist regularly to be sure everything is ok.

Another thing you must know: unfortunately most of dental insurances doesn’t cover dental implants yet. Depending on your insurance plan or cause of your tooth loss, your medical insurance might do the work, so it’s good to get all informations before making a decision.

You should also talk to your dentist to see their options, but after all, even if you have to pay for it yourself, we highly recommend it. We know how a beautiful smile can be attractive and how it feels to smile and laugh without having any concerns on what people are thinking about it. So, do it – for yourself.