The best part of living in a modern and technological world is that it’s not only practical but it also makes already existing things get in their better version. It could be with everything: communication, pictures, the way we listen to music or watch things and, for sure, bank accounts.

Online bank accounts are the new black: they’re easy to understand, easy to handle and also they now offer the best APYs for you. We know that saving accounts in traditional banks could be a way to go, but why leaving your money there for years and getting a ridiculous low amount of money from APY rate when you can get a better percentage at an online bank?

Not quite sure about it? Ok, we’ll give you 5 bank recommendations with a good rate so you can open an account right now.


The DCU would be a great option for small balance savers. If you want to begin saving or you’re still unsure with the whole online saving account, this is a way to go. You earn a 6,17% APY rate on deposits up to $1k, and once you have more than that, we recommend you to choose another bank. It’s still a nice way to start this and understand how this new life works.


With deposits FDIC insured and with no monthly maintenance fee or interest compounds daily, CIT is probably one of the best online banks you would find around to start your savings. Their APY is an incredible 2,45% rate and to open your account you’ll only need to deposit $100. Yes, one hundred bucks, you’re not crazy. They have also two options of requirement for you to keep earning that percentage, which would be 1- Making a $100 monthly deposit or more, or 2- maintaining a daily balance of $25.000,00. Whether you are a starter or an old saving fella, this bank is good for you.


With a free checking account and no minimum balance requirement, Ally Bank is by far one of the most consistent banks around the internet. They have a 2,20% APY rate and you can easily transfer funds online through their website or app mobile and access via checks, debit cards and ATMs. We love it.


A good option for high savers, Citizens Access has a minimum balance of $5.000, for first deposits and maintenance, so you’re able to get the 2,35% APY rate. If your balance happens to fall below that amount, your rate would drop to 0,25%, so it’s only a good idea if you’re already a pro at the saving art. With no fees included, you’ll be doing all things in their website, also mobile friendly, since they still don’t have their own app.


Huge and old british bank and still trying to find their place in US, Barclays is for sure a way to go. With no minimum balance to open and no monthly fees, you’ll be getting a 2,20% APY rate, which is an awesome percentage. All your deposits are FDIC insured up to the legal limit, and their website is super easy to make transactions and what else you need.

This would be our online bank recommendations to start this saving life with high quality. Do you know about other good online banks? Leave us a comment!