College is never an easy thing to do. First of all, we know it might cost a lot of money and our parents spend their lives saving it simply to make our dreams come true. Second, making such an important choice when we’re only teenagers can be terrifying and some of us might get really under pressure because of that. Third, getting into a real good college take years of the best grades and a lot of effort on SAT… Well, the thing is, choosing a college degree can be hard just because it is, but if you get to choose something that won’t be that effective in your career, well, then we have a real problem.

To help you make a good decision, we won’t tell you which degree you should take, but which one you should definitely take off your list and try something else.


Yes, we love gastronomy, trying new and good food, eating at Michelin starred restaurants and we follow all the Chef’s Table chefs on instagram. The thing is: Culinary Arts can be a waste of your time not because it’s not a good degree, but because it’s not necessary to spend that amount of money on college when you can take some independent and short courses and learn so much more on the kitchen instead of the classroom. Cooking is an art, and you don’t have to take traditional lessons to learn it. Believe us: you’ll do good the other way around.


Well, if you are more in the classical music side or you want to be a music teacher, maybe it’ll be really useful. Otherwise, just pass this degree. All great musicians would agree with us that to be successful on the area you should focus on the instrument you wanna play and work hard to be as great as you want to be, not only playing good, but with good marketings and good network. You won’t learn it on college, and again, there’s no point on spending thousands of money on something when taking some instrument focused lessons and practicing with your band would be so much more cheap and effective. Seriously – believe us on this.


It might be a famous degree and it’s really interesting to say the least, but also it won’t help you that much on your career. Communications is as vague as it can be, since it’s about all kinds of media: journalism, marketing, public relations, visual arts, to name a few – but it’s also not focused on anything. Most of the things you’ll learn you could have a better idea attending a specific course or class about that subject, and to be honest, you can use that amount of money you would spend on this degree, on something that could make you more successful and with more experience in a shorter amount of time.

We’re not saying that these careers are no worth of your time, but the contrary – you can make it in those business in different and cheaper ways. Don’t give up on your dreams, but also, choose wisely how you want your future to be. We hope our tips will help you and make you successful and richer sooner than you expect!